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Hand Grips from Sinclair & Rush. UK Manufacturer of Injection Mouldings.

Sinclair & Rush are the largest manufacturer of custom Hand Grips and Foam Tubing in the world. Through our Gripworks brand in the USA, we have developed new processes and use of materials. Hand Grips are used on thousands of products to finish control surfaces and cushion the users hand from vibration. Simple metal tubes can be transformed by adding a Rubber or Foam Grip, increasing the diameter and adding comfort and grip. Our standard range of Handle Grips includes many styles made from a variety of manufacturing methods.

Our Flexible PVC Grips, also known as Vinyl Grips are produced using our Dip Moulding process so are highly customisable. We offer Straight Sided Grips in a choice of Gloss or Textured finishes and can run in different colours very simply at our factory in Kent. We produce handles with Finger Nubs or with Convolutes to further increase the amount of grip to suit applications where a greater level of control is required. Flat Sleeves are used on valve handles and flat control levers and are often printed with branding or operator instructions. Sinclair & Rush offer in-house printing and secondary processes such as trimming, punching and slicing. [Click here for more info on Dip Moulding]

Industrial Grips are injection moulded from hard rubber or soft plastic to provide a durable and practical solution to many applications. This range of injection moulded handles include ribbed, finger nubbed and flanged styles. We have access to a large range of Huntwilde Grips having acquired this business in the USA and distribute for partner European Manufacturers to complement our own selection. Sinclair & Rush specialise in custom Hand Grips so submit the details of your project today and we will be able help. [Click here for more info on Injection Moulding]

Our standard range of Rubber Grips have been selected on popularity and are a cost-effective way to finish your product with an off the shelf product. The Rubber Grips are soft to touch and provide ample cushioning and protection whilst being highly durable. Handle Grips made from rubber are used all over the world and Sinclair & Rush design and manufacture many styles. Our in-house Project Manager can help guide you through the custom process if you need something specific.

Sinclair & Rush extrude Foam Sleeves and manufacture Foam Grips in the USA and China and we stock a large range for next-day delivery in the UK. Foam Grips can be made in long lengths and are highly flexible, allowing them to be used over long tubes. Foam Grips can be ground to many shapes and wall thickness can be much thicker than that of standard Dip Moulded Vinyl Grips. [Click here for more info on Extrusion]

As a premium supplier to many of the worlds largest Manufacturers, we are proud to have been at the forefront of the industry for over 65 years. Select one of the options above to find the right Hand Grip for your requirement. Trust the Grips Experts to help with your project, call today on 01634 686504.

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