We now extrude Clear PETG Tubing in the UK and Foam in the USA & China

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Plastic Extrusion

Plastic extrusion involves pushing heated material through a die to create continuous profiles, such as tubes. By using a combination of central pins and vacuum chambers, a variety of shapes can be achieved. Once cooled, these profiles are cut to specified lengths on the production line. We introduced this method to our UK factory in 2016 to meet the needs of our European customers, producing products locally that were previously imported from the USA.

Why Choose Extrusion?

Extrusion is an extremely economical and efficient manufacturing option, producing minimal material waste. Products can be made quickly to meet high-volume demands. Our standard range includes popular diameters and tube lengths required by industrial and retail markets. Lengths can be adjusted easily during production, and our engineers can modify the equipment to produce different wall thicknesses to suit specific applications. For new sizes or shapes, we provide full project management, with tooling produced in-house to reduce costs and maintain control.

Our Expertise

Sinclair & Rush has grown to become the largest producer of clear PETG tubes in the USA, offering unparalleled clarity for retail product displays. Our Perma-sealing process creates sealed containers that can be paired with a wide range of closures, including hangers. Many new POS displays in Europe now utilise this innovative packaging method.

To complement our clear packaging tubes, Sinclair & Rush also produces closed-cell foam sleeves, often used as handle grips and for product protection. Using a grinding process, these foam sleeves can be shaped into a wide range of styles. Our Durablend™ material offers excellent ozone and oxidation resistance, while our UV-NPVC™ is weather-resistant. Both flexible and rigid versions of PVC are available using this efficient process.


Benefits of Extrusion

  • Highly Efficient Process: Quick production with minimal waste.
  • Economical for High-Volume Runs: Cost-effective for large quantities.
  • Low-Cost Tooling: Affordable setup for new projects.
  • Vast Applications: Suitable for various industries.
  • Standard Materials Used
  • Our standard materials include PETG, RPVC, NPVC, and UPVC.


Contact Us

For more information on our extrusion processes and how we can assist with your specific requirements, please contact Sinclair & Rush today. Our team is ready to provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

CLICK HERE View our standard range of Packaging Tubes.

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