Long Sleeves & Bars

Information about the standard maximum length available for long round sleeves and long round grips

Gloss finish sleeves or grips:- up to 750mm
Textured finish sleeves or grips:- up to 750mm
Smooth foam sleeves or grips:- up to 2000mm
Rough foam sleeves or grips:- up to 1000mm
Hard plastic tubing:- up to 3000mm +
Solid plastic bar:- up to 4000mm +


Information about round sleeves and round grips
Round sleeves are made in a smooth or straight sided shape that is ideal for a cost effective sleeve or grip. The grips don’t have any shape and this makes them ideal for fitting to applications where grip alignment is too time consuming or too difficult because of the manufacturing process. New round grip or round sleeve sizes can be set up quickly and cost from around £95. Low cost samples can also be made to check the fit and look of the parts before a production tool is manufactured.

Information about square plastic sleeves and rectangular plastic sleeves and grips.
Square plastic grips and rectangular plastic grips are similar to the round grips in that they have straight sides and no shape to them. This makes them cost effective and a neat finish to the end of a handle or bar. Very often the rectangular sleeves are printed with a name or logo and this can incorporate user instructions like on or off, close or open.


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