Industry Update: Finding Sustainable Solutions & Reducing Waste

At Sinclair & Rush, we’ve been working hard to find ways for making our methods more environmentally friendly. We’re currently in the process of testing a number of exciting solutions for more environmentally friendly packaging and investigating ways to reduce our waste.

Finding More Sustainable Solutions to Product Packaging
We are very excited to be working towards finding more sustainable solutions for our product packaging. One of the main areas on which we are concentrating is developing protective netting with a bio-degradable additive, helping it to break down more easily and more quickly.
We are also investigating how we can work with fully compostable materials, which we will be trailing in the next few months. We’re excited to work with new materials companies to provide us with these solutions, and to trial the products with some of our leading clients who are keen to benefit from more environmentally friendly packaging.

How We're Working to Reduce Waste
Something else we’ve been working towards is finding ways for reducing our waste. We’ve found a very exciting solution in our new Pelletizer line. The Pelletizer line takes re-ground waste material (PETG from clear plastic tubes) and converts this back into useable pellets.
The pellets are then worked in with a mixture of brand new materials to begin making more products. This process is closely managed and monitored, and we are able to ensure that the integrity and clarity of the parts do not suffer. The Pelletizer line allows us to make use of waste that we were previously unable to utilise, thereby significantly reducing the amount of waste that we produce.


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