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One of the most important factors in gaining a quality education is ensuring that each classroom offers an engaging and focused environment in which students are able to learn. It’s easy to imagine a number of things in a classroom that contribute to a positive learning environment, including bright colours, plenty of inspiring and useful images and items, books, technology… the list goes on and on.

One thing we often don’t think about, but that is just as important, are the items that help to eliminate noise distractions. Whether it’s the insulation that blocks out sounds from neighbouring classrooms or double glazing on windows, ensuring that a classroom can be peaceful when necessary is very important. Did you know that at Sinclair & Rush, we do our part to help minimise distractions in the classroom? There’s nothing worse than chairs and tables scraping across the floor every time a child moves in their seat, is there?

We manufacture a wide range of rubber and plastic feet which are fitted to the bottoms of chairs and tables in classrooms all over the world. And not only do these items reduce noise, they also protect the floors and reduce scuffing and scratching.

Our range of rubber feet are particularly effective in the classroom, as they offer improved grip while reducing both noise and vibration. In addition to standard rubber feet, we also offer Screw on and Push in Feet, which can easily be installed into panels or mounted on the surface. Very simple solutions include Stick on Discs and Stick on Feet, which are self-adhesive and very simply peel away from backing liner to be mounted to the furniture.

Plastic feet are another excellent option in the classroom. These are harder and offer a non-marking and highly cost-effective way of finishing furniture and come in many sizes and shapes, such as round, oval and square. Our range includes Insert Feet, Plastic Saddle Feet and Nail on Feet. We also supply Adjustable Feet with are available with either Rubber or Plastic bases, depending on your needs.

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