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Height Adjustable Castors

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"I’m very impressed with the quality of service not only with the knowledge of the goods required to meet the needs of the school, but the positive approach to delivery dates & quality of goods received. Thank you very much for your assistance in ensuring we received the correct items for our project." K Bowen, Site Manager


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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortWheel Diameter SortFitted Height SortPlate Size SortMax. Load SortMax. Load per 4 SortBearing Type SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
JKS01100mm370mm-445mm152mm x 100mm200kg400KgPlain Bore2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
JKS02100mm370mm-445mm152mm x 100mm200kg400KgNeedle Roller2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
JKS03125mm399mm-474mm152mm x 100mm200kg400KgPlain Bore2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
JKS04125mm399mm-474mm152mm x 100mm200kg400KgNeedle Roller2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
JKS05150mm448mm-523mm152mm x 100mm250kg500KgPlain Bore2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
JKS06150mm448mm-523mm152mm x 100mm250kg500KgNeedle Roller2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
JKS07200mm493mm-568mm152mm x 100mm250kg500KgPlain Bore2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder
JKS08200mm493mm-568mm152mm x 100mm250kg500KgNeedle Roller2-3 WeeksSamplePricesOrder



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