Benefits of Tree Guards & Turf Mesh

With the weather getting warmer, individuals are bound to be becoming green-fingered by planting greenery. At Sinclair & Rush, we have added a few new additions to our range in the form of Tree Guards and Turf Mesh. 

There are multiple benefits to both and we thought we'd show why these are a crucial addition to your planting efforts!

Tree Guards

Tree Guards are ultimately used to increase the survival rate of trees by protecting the trunks which carry the vascular system of a tree which is an essential part of its system. Trees come up against weather, animals as well as a wide range of human factors, so it is imperative that they are protected as much as possible to avoid damage being made. By installing a Tree Guard you are protecting the trees from these elements and giving them a safe space to nurture and grow. 

When you are installing a tree guard, it is imperative that you leave enough space for the tree to grow, if not, you can find that the Tree grows into the product. By using our range of guards, you are allowing air to circulate which decreases the moisture buildup which can lead to rot, disease and insect damage. 

If you believe you could benefit from using a Tree Guard why not click HERE to view online or give our Sales Team a call on 01634 686504 to discuss your requirements. 

Turf Mesh

This product is used to reinforce grass that gets worn, rutted and muddy by allowing vehicles and pedestrians to walk over it. The mesh works by evenly spreading the weight and loads placed on it to limit the damage as much as possible.




As the grass grows through the mesh, it will eventually conceal the mesh creating a stronger structure whilst providing a natural look. What's better is that this product is incredibly easy to install and protects the need to re-seed as often as you would need to without. 

Why not have a look at our product and see if you think it could benefit you? Click HERE to view online or call our Sales Team on 01634 686504 to discuss your requirements!

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