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05-04-2018 How To Choose The Right Castors & Wheels
24-03-2018 The Importance of Product Packaging
13-03-2018 Things To Consider When Choosing A Manufacturer
27-02-2018 Why Charity Is At The Heart Of What We Do
14-02-2018 How To Choose The Right Material For Your Project
28-01-2018 Look Out For... Our New Website Launch
11-01-2018 New Capabilities: Meet The New Fleet!
20-12-2017 The Big Move! Introducing 23 Laker Road
29-11-2017 New Year Prize Draw!
14-11-2017 Sales Person of the Year Awards
30-10-2017 NEW Developments to VisiPak
30-10-2017 Congrats to Sam on her 18-Tonne Challenge!
22-06-2017 Nylon a superior alternative to metal.
14-06-2017 Brand New Arburg Machine
08-06-2017 Flexible Caps
01-06-2017 Ed Hardy VisiPak Case Study
18-05-2017 Growth due to growing consumer demand.
22-03-2017 Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2017
07-02-2017 SuperBowl
30-11-2016 Introducing E-liquid Containers From VisiPak
28-11-2016 Our Range Of Grips Is Unrivalled
16-11-2016 Sinclair & Rush, Inc. Acquiures National Plastics, Inc.
16-11-2016 Low Cost Castors&Wheels
03-11-2016 Macmillan Coffee Morning
31-10-2016 Low-Cost Netting
25-10-2016 Clamsehll Packaging
24-10-2016 New Managing Director
19-10-2016 Nylon Spacers
07-10-2016 Edging Strip
03-10-2016 Tube inserts not fitting your needs?
22-09-2016 Brand new range of End Caps
20-09-2016 Square Tube Connectors
15-09-2016 Proud of your packaging
29-06-2016 Sinclair & Rush VisiPak Summer Discount
22-06-2016 Clear Plastic Tubes - How will you close yours
10-06-2016 FREE Tube of Chocolate Footballs
06-06-2016 Clamshells
31-05-2016 Social Media Launch
20-05-2016 Stock Castors & Wheels available with next day delivery & low MOQs
19-05-2016 Update your designs with Visipak
11-05-2016 Industrial Packaging Available with Visipak
03-05-2016 Upgrade your Product Packaging with Visipak
25-04-2016 Increase Your Product Sales With Visipak!
05-04-2016 Clear Plastic Tubes
14-03-2016 Caps and sleeves
07-01-2016 Hunte Wilde hand grips
15-12-2015 Visipak clear tubes update
27-11-2015 Visipak clear tubes
17-11-2015 Caps and sleeves
12-11-2015 Castors in stock
24-08-2015 Netting in stock
28-07-2015 Top Dogs, Hot Bananas and FSPs – Frequently Solved Problems from S&R.
21-07-2015 Manufacturing – it’s nothing without customers like you.
07-07-2015 We’ve shifted up a gear or two to dip, inject and extrude solutions – fast efficiency from S&R.
29-06-2015 Industrial grips – safe in our hands
21-06-2015 Maidstone to Monaco for Wells in Africa
19-06-2015 The creative and commercial benefits of clear plastic packaging
15-06-2015 For well dressed finishing, choose the right Caps and Sleeves
04-06-2015 Great product, great service, great value and, of course, great customers
01-06-2015 Protect, Package, Finish ~ we’ve got it covered … S&R
24-05-2015 Caps & Plugs for cost-effective masking
15-05-2015 Hand Grips and Sleeves - discuss
05-05-2015 VisiPak - the future of packaging is clear
28-04-2015 HOT, HOTTER, HOTTEST - High temperature masking.
20-04-2015 Hand in hand with foam grips and sleeves
10-04-2015 Think water – please don’t take it for granted
07-04-2015 A question: What do Barrel, Parallel, Flexible & Fir Tree all have in common?
30-03-2015 The best of both worlds
10-12-2014 Getting a handle on our grips to get the right grip on your handles.
04-12-2014 VisiPak – sounds great but what is it?
18-11-2014 Keeping it simple with Sinclair & Rush
04-11-2014 Boy, have we got replacement feet?
29-10-2014 Essential masking solutions
16-10-2014 Our world of wheels and castors
08-10-2014 Edging Strips help Protect, Package and Finish
07-10-2014 Hand in hand, our grips work
30-09-2014 Standard inserts and tube ends – all in stock and on-line now.
23-09-2014 Welcome to the best of the best
16-09-2014 Introducing VisiPak – the packaging solution that’s clear
04-09-2014 Protective Netting flies out of 19 Laker Road
26-08-2014 Consolidated Dip Moulding ~ increased production
05-08-2014 Just waiting for the T Shirt
08-07-2014 Race for Life
02-06-2014 2 x Executive Officers; 1 x £350 car; 1,100 x grueling miles
02-06-2014 Come on you S&R's
02-06-2014 25 years and still going strong
08-05-2014 Discovering app after exciting new app
01-04-2014 Sinclair & Rush gave a huge welcome to Component Force
28-01-2013 Welsh 3 Peak Challenge
18-05-2012 CFL Girlies - Race for Life
24-02-2012 New Injection Moulding Machine
16-11-2011 Children In Need
02-06-2011 New Component Force App
01-09-2010 Component Expert Daryll Nominated for YMCA Award
20-08-2010 Component Force nominated for two West Kent Business Awards
22-07-2010 Do you care about the environment, because we certainly do?
22-07-2010 Why is it so important to nurture the talent of the future?
22-07-2010 Raw material shortages are harming the UK plastic industries growth...
16-07-2010 Component Force Wins Prestigious Business Award
27-05-2010 Component Force Sales Team Growing
26-05-2010 New Range of Hi Temp Castors
08-04-2010 Grand Opening - Component Force's New Premises
07-04-2010 Flexible Plug - New to our Plug Range!
06-04-2010 Component Force Move Update
06-04-2010 Component Force Sales Team Growing
10-02-2010 UK manufacturer, Component Force, has received a £688k Enterprise Finance Guarantee loan from NatWest
09-02-2010 Component Force nominated by the South East England Development Agency
19-01-2010 Custom Moulding – Dedicated Department for Custom Moulding
18-01-2010 Extending the range of our Flangeless Plugs
17-01-2010 Grips
15-01-2010 Die-Cut Masking
14-01-2010 Bespoke Nut Caps - Custom Made to Suit!
11-01-2010 Even the snow can't stop Component Force
07-01-2010 Adverse Weather at Component Force
12-12-2009 New business development team - Aerospace
11-12-2009 Custom Silicone Edging Strip
10-12-2009 Long Textured Sleeves / Hand Grips
10-12-2009 New Range - Heavy Duty Wheels
09-12-2009 Rubber & Plastic Feet
09-12-2009 Increased Stock Levels - Protective Netting
10-09-2009 Radius Tube Connectors
10-09-2009 Nylon Parts
11-08-2009 New Component Force Customer Service Team Member Delivers
08-08-2009 New Swivel Hooks
07-08-2009 New Range of Finger Nub Textured Grips
06-08-2009 New Range of Nylon Parts
04-08-2009 Well done Emily
03-08-2009 Views from our newest team member
31-07-2009 Customer Service Team Leader
30-07-2009 Age Concern
29-07-2009 New Customer Service team member
28-07-2009 Custom Injection Moulding
27-07-2009 Custom Dip Moulding
24-07-2009 New Feedback page for all customer feedback
23-07-2009 A new Plug to add to our range
22-07-2009 I Beam Covers
21-07-2009 New Addition to our Plug Range
20-07-2009 Scaffold Protection Range
17-07-2009 Flexible Plugs
16-07-2009 Sap Seals
15-07-2009 New 3/4 BSP Threaded Caps.
16-06-2009 Component Force Blog
15-06-2009 Plastic nuts and bolts
19-02-2009 Competition Winner
10-02-2009 Great customer service
13-11-2008 New foam grips
12-11-2008 Castors & Wheels
06-11-2008 Square Metal Inserts
05-11-2008 Metal Fasteners Kits
04-11-2008 Metal Fasteners
03-11-2008 Glass Cloth Tape
31-10-2008 Silicone Cone Caps
30-10-2008 Rubber plug range extended
29-10-2008 Surface World Front Cover
28-10-2008 Grommets
27-10-2008 Rubber Caps
24-10-2008 Rubber feet
23-10-2008 Plastic Caps
23-10-2008 Component Force MD meets Gordon Brown
31-03-2008 No price increase again!
14-03-2008 New 2008 Overview Brochure
29-10-2007 Component Force new brochure due soon
11-04-2007 EPSI & Component Force partnership
27-03-2007 Online ordering - our website now accepts credit cards
19-12-2006 Rubber Feet featured in Guardian Newspaper

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