Working from Home: making it more efficient!

In these current unprecedented circumstances, much of the UK population have vacated their offices in favour of working from home. Whilst this seems an ideal situation, the novelty very quickly wears off! However, there are some steps you can take to structure your day so you can work from home more efficiently! 

1) Get Dressed!

Can you work efficiently whilst not being dressed for work and not mentally prepared for the standard 8-hour shift? No! Getting dressed, whether that be into casual clothes or something more suited for the office, whilst working from home, changes your state of mind and psychologically prepares you to start work! Also, to highlight the difference between home and work, when you've clocked off for the day, you should always change your outfit! 

2) Work/Life Balance!

Would you willingly spend hours at your desk unpaid, at work? If the answer is no, then you should ensure you distance yourself from your working environment at home! If you can, make sure you set up your space for home-working away from your usual spaces (spare rooms, conservatory!). If you can get away from the desk outside of office hours, you will find that when you are working, it is far more efficient!

3) Regular Breaks!

It is important that you still maintain high effort levels when completing work from home. However, with more distractions at home comes more opportunity to avoid work that needs to be done. This is why it's important to complete work at full-effort in short bursts and then allow yourself a short period of distraction. You will find that working this way sets you up for a balanced routine. However, make sure you leave your workspace on these breaks!

Rest assured, at Sinclair & Rush, we are all following these tips to make home-working, work for us! This means all of our Sales Executives are available and waiting to hear from you in regards to your any of your requirements. Give them a call on 01634 686504.



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