Why Charity Is At The Heart Of What We Do

If you’re familiar with Sinclair & Rush, you’ll know that we take part in a lot of charity fundraising activities. From MacMillan Coffee Mornings to Charity Truck Pulls, we’re always busy doing our bit to give back to the community.

In fact, just last week we announced in our newsletter that we’re taking part in two ambitious events this year to raise money for Fields of Life. In September, the team will be taking on the 50km Thames Path Challenge, at the same time as two of us tackle 2 marathon treks through the Norwegian Fjords.

But why are we so involved in charity work? Here are our top 3 reasons:

1. Happier Employees
We’re proud of our friendly and committed team at Sinclair & Rush, many of whom are passionate about volunteering and fundraising for charity. And what’s important to the team is important to us! By making time in our busy schedule to organise fundraising events, we offer a chance for individuals to do something challenging and exciting that they might not have had time to arrange on their own. The result? Happy and fulfilled team members!

2. Team Building
As well as making our individual employees happier, charity fundraising also helps to bring the team together. We’re able to support each other’s efforts and often share in the experiences! This helps up build a fantastic team dynamic that shines through in terms of morale and our relationships with our customers.

3. Giving Back
As a business, it’s easy to get caught up in sales and growth month-on-month. By committing to supporting a charity every year, we’re able to take a step back and share some of our success with a worthy cause.

If you’d like to learn more about our charity fundraising activities, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.


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