Ukraine Conflict

Humanitarian Crisis in Europe. Statement regarding Supply Chain

Ukraine Conflict | Humanitarian Crisis in Europe

As we are all aware by now, the devastating news of the war between Russia and Ukraine has flooded our newsfeeds recently. With missiles and bombs invading Ukraine & causing sadness for many civilians. As with all conflicts and disruptions, these can have impacts on other areas of life for example, within business and inflation of goods and services etc. The impact of such a war may slow the supply chain down or cause some delays whilst the world is dealing with more pressing issues.

Furthermore, “The conflict in Ukraine is expected to have a domino effect on various supply chains as global companies close factories during the Russian invasion.” Statement taken from ‘E Marketer, Inside Intelligence’
Essentially, this means that the current conflicts in Ukraine will affect price increases across all living costs, this is already apparent with fuel prices. But could move onto food, materials, or automotive manufacturing for example. It is said that many factories and offices in Ukraine have shut down due to the war also.

According to the BBC website “More than half a million people have fled their homes to escape the war in Ukraine, the UN says, as heavy fighting continues across the country.”
For now, sadly, families remain divided as the conflict continues.

We hope that the hardship will be over soon without too many more lives affected and lost.

Supply Chain Statement 1st March

As a Business, Sinclair & Rush are aware that the devastating tension escalating in Eastern Europe, with war having been initiated by Russia to Ukraine, is going to cause some unease for our customers, regarding possible supply chain disruption. For the most part, currently this tragedy is not affecting our lead times or ability to manufacture goods.

• We do not currently have any Russian and / or Ukrainian employees working within the offices and factories

• We do not have any direct or indirect suppliers located in Ukraine or Russia

• We do not have any suppliers that have sub-suppliers in either Ukraine or Russia that could threaten the supply of our parts

• We do not have any logistic routes that could be affected by the Russia / Ukraine conflict



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