Tube Inserts: Why the Finishing Touches Are So Important

At one point or another, we’ve all experienced a time when we’ve used or purchased an item that is extremely functional, and yet we have still found the product to be disappointing. This can sometimes be simply because those all-important finishing touches have been ignored. Some manufacturers may overthink the complexity of a finishing touch, but in reality, the importance can be found in the smallest details. One such example is the proper use of tube inserts.

Tube inserts are a very important element in a wide variety of products produced across many different industries. Whether your aim is to provide structural support to a pipe or tube or protect the inside of the tube or pipe, there is no shortage of size, shapes and styles of tube inserts to give a product the perfect finishing touch.

And perhaps this is one of the most underrated functions of a tube insert. The proper tube insert for any given product can guarantee not only a perfect fit, but also a polished presentation with a discrete finish. With the right tube insert you can not only finish off rough edges and hollow ends, making the product safe, but you can also nicely complete the product with a clean design.

After all – why should a functional, mass-produced item not also be aesthetically pleasing? We know enough about consumers to understand that the appearance of an item can affect their purchasing decisions beyond the actual function of a product. When presented with the option of purchasing either a basic, functional item or a product with the same function that has a slightly more pleasing appearance, customers can be easily swayed towards a more polished product. With this in mind, it’s important to understand that finishing touches shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in the form of tube inserts.

Tube inserts can also have an effect on customer experience. Beyond the appreciation of an aesthetically pleasing item with a finished design, customers appreciate items that are well constructed and durable. Because tube inserts can add to the structural integrity of an item and protect the inside of tubes and pipes, your customer is left with a more reliable product with a lower chance of taking on damages, rendering the purchase of a replacement item necessary.

Choosing the right tube inserts

When choosing tube inserts for your product, bear in mind the function and design of your product and choose an insert that incorporates both of these elements. You’ll want to choose a matching or complementary colour, as well as the right size and shape.

We stock one of the largest selections of tube inserts available. Our range includes tube inserts in every shape and size, including but not limited to rectangular, oval, square and round tube inserts. To browse our full range and give your products the finishing touches they’re lacking, click here. If you have questions about any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us – we will be more than happy to assist you.


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