S&R Team Lockdown Projects!

A look at what our team members have been up to during lockdown...

At S&R, we are very fortunate to still be open as usual, with our Sales, Accounts & Purchasing, Customer Service & HR teams set up to work from home and our Production and Despatch teams holding the fort at our offices (observing Social Distancing to make it as safe as possible!).

However, many members of our team have found that during the lockdown, the chance to take hold of those home-improvement & leisure projects has finally come. Take a moment below to read all about the projects our team members have started! 

Allan - Sales and Marketing Manager

Since being advised to work from home, Allan has experimented with working in different areas of his house. However, after trialling the Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom and Living Room, none were proving to be worthy winners of the 'Best Home-Working Location' challenge. With this turmoil and trouble, Allan took hold of the issue, brought some materials and decided to turn his garage into the perfect office! Whilst this is an ongoing project, Allan is working hard to make sure this is completed before we are allowed to get back into the office!

Debbie - Production Team Leader

Debbie has been working hard at her Mum's house to decorate and perform general maintenance tasks to ensure she was being kept busy. Not only has she done this, she then went back to her own house and revamped her front and back garden! However, there was time for a little celebration as her dog has recently celebrated a birthday so a portion of the time at home has been spent spoiling him rotten!

Louise - Accounts & Purchasing Manager

Louise has been looking for the perfect time to complete an intricately detailed paint-by-number she received for Christmas 2019. She used to enjoy painting as a child but just hasn't had the time in her adult life to pick the hobby back up. However, this was a fantastic time to pick it up and reignite the passion! A picture is included to the side and it looks amazing!

Ellie - Sales Support 

With the weather being as nice as it has been, Ellie decided this unusually fantastic weather (for the UK!) deemed it suitable to give her garden a total revamp! So far, the tasks completed include completely digging up the garden, painting all the fences and generally giving the garden a complete makeover! Whilst she isn't completed yet, she has decided to take a rest-break before recommencing! 

Sharon - HR Manager

The lockdown period has been very busy for Sharon's household! Before lockdown, Sharon was already in the process of redoing her lounge and dining area which had already been visited by the plumber and plasterer. Since then, Sharon has been busy painting like crazy and her husband has been laying new flooring. However, it's not only the inside of her house which has seen a makeover; she has also been re-painting her fences outside and giving her garden a general spring clean with the help of her son, Jordan, who contributed by power-hosing approximately 3 tiles of decking, this very hard job was completed by her and her husband!

As more of our team members complete tasks, we'll be sure to update this list. In the mean-time, take care and stay safe!


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