Under the Spotlight

Getting to know Tamas & Livia, Husband & Wife Production Operators VDM Night-Shift (Maidstone) Sinclair & Rush UK/Europe

Under the Spotlight - Tamas & Livia

Husband & Wife Production Operators VDM Night-Shift (Maidstone) Sinclair & Rush UK/Europe

The purpose of this is for our people to get to know you a little bit better, in a fun and relaxing way. So let’s get right into it…

First of all, Congratulations Tamas and Livia on your 5 year Work Anniversary. Thank you for all your hard work over the past 5 years. We are all very proud of you. As a husband and wife both working on night shift, it must be quite a challenge running a home with a family – how do you manage this?

"Our children are a bit older so it is easier than with a baby or younger children. Our daughter lives in Portsmouth but with our son, Tamas Junior still living at home with us, we try to eat together as a family as often as we can, but that is not always possible. When Tamas was younger, we used to try to get our sleep during the day while he was still in school. This routine has somehow just worked for our family."

What do you enjoy most about your job?

"We both enjoy the people that we work with, we enjoy being part of the night shift team and part of the bigger family of Sinclair & Rush."

As you are both originally from Hungary and English therefore is not your first language, how has this affected your work over the years?

"Livia’s hearing is poor and she requires the use of a hearing aid. She therefore has learned to communicate with her colleagues by means of “actions” instead of “words”. I also help to translate things to her and she communicates with me by listening as well as lip reading. It’s not always easy for her but she loves working at Sinclair & Rush and would much rather struggle a little rather than not work at all. In Hungary it was very difficult for Livia to find work as she has always had a problem with her hearing, so she spent most of her life at home with the children. Here in the UK she is able to feel more independent and valued by having her own job and earning her own money."

Now onto the more fun stuff… What do you do to relax when you’re not at work?

"We are a house-proud family so like to spend time at home, fixing it up, or visiting our daughter Zia in Portsmouth as often as we can. We also like to stop for a coffee in our local shopping mall from time to time."

Just a few more fun questions before I let you go…

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset (Tamas) / Sunrise (Livia)
Summer or Winter? Summer for both of us
Dogs or Cats? Cats – We have 2 and Zia has 3
Rock or Pop? Pop music for both of us
Favourite food? We both love Hungarian food
Favourite drink? Squash (Tamas) / Water (Livia)
Favourite sports team? We don’t really follow sports
Best movie ever? We enjoy watching online shows, I like a good comedy and Livia likes anything with subtitles. 😊


Sharon HR Manager


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