So, why should you consider Sinclair & Rush?

When it comes to purchasing items for a company within manufacturing, it tends to come down to cost. However, at Sinclair & Rush, whilst we remain competitive on the majority of our products, we also believe there are three elements that we believe are solid reasons as to why you should purchase from us.  

Ever heard of the saying "buy cheap, buy twice"? This couldn't be more true. It is very important to consider the quality of the product you are purchasing. It's worth remembering that your standards may well be different to someone else, ensure you ask for examples of work previously completed or even better, request samples before you purchase! At Sinclair & Rush, we offer free samples on our products ensuring you get the chance to check before you buy! 

You should never be made to feel that you can't ask as many questions as you require about the product you're purchasing, you need to get it right. You should also have complete confidence in the company you are dealing with. Companies will often post a testimonial on their sites, why not look at independent sites that they can't moderate? At Sinclair & Rush, we are thrilled to have a very good reputation within the plastic manufacturing industry. 

We are firm believers that you should only purchase from those that know exactly what they are doing. From the outset, you should research your options and look at case studies etc. to see the company capabilities and success stories from the past. At Sinclair & Rush, we are proud to have been part-leaders in the industry for nearly 70 years. 

As always, if you require any support or you have any queries, get in touch with our team on 01634 686504 where they would be more than willing to help you out.  


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