Sinclair & Rush receives heart-warming feedback...

At Sinclair & Rush, we pride ourselves in providing the best customer service at all times. We are dedicated to our customer base and regularly go out of our way to ensure complete satisfaction.

Recently, we received a letter which has become very special to us. With the customer's permission, we have decided to share this with you.

A copy of the letter is available below but to summarise -

In June 2020, Joey Kotze from our UK Sales Team, received a call from a customer explaining that he had ordered a foam grip sample but was disappointed to have only received one. The requirement was simple, the customer had recently lost his wife and she had inherited an old wheelbarrow which he wanted to fix. 

The customer wasn't aware that he had only ordered one grip but following a conversation with Joey, she realised just how important the requirement was for the customer and ensured that he received one, free of charge and delivered by express courier, the following day. 

We've done our best not to tell too much of the story above as the letter portrays a beautiful story and one that didn't leave a dry eye when it was received. It really does show that it is the small things in life that really can, make such a large difference. 

The full letter is available to download by clicking here. We think you'll agree, it makes for an incredibly heart-warming story and really shows the true extent of our commitment to our customers. 

A really big thank you to Joey for doing the right thing and showing empathy to a customer with a real cause. 


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