Freight Industry Challenges | What's Next?

Pressure on Freight and Logisitcs Systems has never been greater....

There is no getting away from it, the cost of things in life are going up and a major contributory factor in this is the increased cost of moving goods around. There is huge pressure on pricing for domestic collections, deliveries and especially on import and export.

There are several explanations as to why things have gotten tough recently. The pandemic & COVID-19, Brexit, technology advances & customers’ expectations changing, to name a few. Buying habits have been changed forever by rolling restrictions and isolations and there is more reliance on freight companies than ever. Even Next-Day delivery can seem like a long wait in the instant-fix society we now live in, so urgency had increased across the board. Fuel shortages and increased prices for diesel have a direct impact on what freight companies need to charge to cover their expenditure.

As an industry, post-Brexit regulations add administration and delays to border crossings and we seem to only now be seeing a full recovery from the impact of this in early 2021. The bottle neck created with by requirements for the EU was swiftly followed by safety procedures to help slow down the spread of the pandemic.

The important thing to remember is that we at Sinclair & Rush have it under control so do not fear! Despite the uncertainty in the world, we are still able to deliver on our promises to our customers but naturally there will be some changes. It is so important to be prepared and plan ahead in these times to expect every eventuality. The difficulties we have all faced has led to general shortages of materials and workers so everything is just that bit harder as we have short-staffed teams working harder.

What are we doing to support our customers throughout this period?

  • Solid partnerships with DHL & other supporting freight companies so that we communicate with each other about delays and issues that arise.
  • Ensure we stay current and up to date on the ever-changing rules and then ensure we communicate that effectivity with you as our customers pro-actively.
  • Dedicated Customer Services department that help to track customers deliveries so you can feel assured where your goods are and that they will reach you safely, we are not miracle workers but we have good relationships with the couriers to get as much information as we can for you.
  • Keep up to date with the most recently technologies required to get the jobs done quickly and efficiently. Better communication between systems removes the need for slow and obstructive manual processes.
  • At Sinclair & Rush, we know that change and keeping current is just part of doing business and we do our best to be as flexible as possible to support individual customer needs.
  • We are not perfect and occasionally mistakes may be made or unforeseen circumstances may arise, but we will be honest and communicate effectively from the start to ensure we maintain the solid relationship that we have with our customers.

2022 will see further changes as an entire industry shifts to cope with demand and evolves to use new technology to track shipments and minimise environmental impact by optimising routes.

“The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is the namesake for the parallel development in logistics. Everything is about digitization. Processes that used to be analogue are being simplified, automated and, above all, made more digital.”

Patrick Möller - see the full blog post by CLICKING HERE


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