Employee Skills in the Manufacturing Sector

Professionals working within the manufacturing sector are integral cogs forming the machine that makes the products we use throughout our lives. However, many positions within the manufacturing sector are left vacant due to a shortage of skilled candidates in the market.

This means that individuals who are keen to get their foot in the door with manufacturing companies have an excellent chance of starting a rewarding career. But what skills are employers in the manufacturing sector seeking out in future employees?

Communication: Strong communication skills are vital to anyone working or looking to work within the manufacturing industry. Individuals in this sector work with people across many teams, as well as clients. The ability to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life is essential and will help employees in this sector to excel.

Attention to Detail: Most modern careers require a keen eye for detail, and manufacturing is certainly no exception. Whether employees are operating complex machinery or performing quality control checks on products, an eye for detail and the ability to focus on the small aspects of the process is a must-have.

Technical Skills: Many roles within the manufacturing sector require employees to operate complicated and very expensive machinery, so a strong set of technical skills and a mind that can understand how machines work is very important. Furthermore, the ability to identify new technical solutions as a very attractive trait in an employee within the manufacturing sector.  

Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills: The ability to solve problems and think critically is also a skill that is highly sought after in the manufacturing sector. This allows employees to break down complicated situations that quite often arise in the manufacturing setting. Being able to effectively solve issues as they arise without the assistance of a manager can save time and money in many instances, which is one of the reasons this skill is so important to have.

Interpersonal Skills: Being able to work effectively as part of a team is another skill that anyone working, or looking to work in manufacturing must possess. In large organisations, employees are likely to be required to work with a number of different people from various departments across the business. This is also an important skill in small organisations, as typically, in these businesses you’ll be working closely with a tight-knit group which means you’ll need to be able to communicate effectively with them and work cooperatively.

Employees within the manufacturing sector meet and work through challenges every day using their impressive set of skills. And while we’re on the topic of excellent employees in the manufacturing industry, this month our Sales Manager Allan Gower is celebrating 10 years with Sinclair & Rush. Allan has climbed the ranks within Sinclair & Rush and is a valued member of the team.

“My role is challenging and enjoyable and I work with a great team. I have seen big changes in the company and am excited to help meet our goals for the next 10 years,” Allan said.

From the rest of us at Sinclair & Rush, thank you for all your hard work, Allan!


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