Could Exam success be linked to a properly set up and maintained exam environment?

It is not unknown that the lead up to exams in schools across the country is a nerve-wracking time for many students. With the increased pressure of achieving fantastic results linked to future successes, we thought we would highlight how our products can accelerate success.

In order to maintain concentration, it is always advised that the examination environment is maintained and comfortable for every student. One element of this is ensuring all the chairs within the room are comfortable and sturdy. Over time, the feet on the bottom of chairs used within an educational environment can become worn which leads to chairs becoming un-sturdy, loud when moved across the floor and unbalanced. These issues are bad enough in a standard classroom, however, in an exam environment, this can cause regular distractions which affect the quality of the work being completed.

At Sinclair & Rush, we manufacture a large range of replacement feet for chairs which are easily installed to assist in the elimination of these problems. 

Furthermore, we have produced a 'Feet Guide' to enable you to find the correct product for you. Just CLICK HERE to view this.

As always, our team are available during office hours (8:30am-5pm) to discuss any further queries you have. Just give them a call on 01634 686504.

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