Protective Netting flies out of 19 Laker Road


I suppose we shouldn’t be that surprised at how popular Protective Netting has become, after all it’s probably the simplest, foolproof and literally the most flexible solution for protecting all manner of goods and components in storage and transit.

What is amazing though is that just about every day, we despatch an order. It’s literally flying out!

Our Protective Netting is available in every size, strength, length and colour. It creates the perfect sleeve, pre-cut to just the right length to simply slip over products or parts and protect them from abrasion, scuffing, chips and vibration.

Component Force customers have been using it for some time now and today we’re introducing it to our Sinclair & Rush customers and enquirers in an e-mail campaign.

It is always difficult to pinpoint just why a product such as Protective Netting becomes as popular as this, but these are three unique benefits for buying from us:

  1. We will cut the netting to lengths specified by the customer to make it even easier to use.
  2. We know for a fact that it reduces packaging and shipping costs.
  3. And because we hold so much in stock, we offer low and practical minimum order quantities, so customers can try it before rolling out to introduce netting as the preferred protection method across their manufacturing and shipping range.

So, if it’s not a Spitfire or Hurricane soaring over Blue Bell Hill – it will be our next order for Protective Netting.

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