Just waiting for the T Shirt


Just waiting for the T shirt

Working with, in and for Sinclair & Rush as a supplier, customer, colleague or member of staff can rarely be called dull. We just never know quite what’s around the corner. Give someone responsibility for a business that’s ticking over and many would be happy with the tick and just make sure it passed its MOT each year. Others might put it through a textbook service, turning the tick to a purrrr.

But then you have Sinclair & Rush with its combination of American direction and Great British leadership. This baby was given a full ‘change management’ re-tune. New, low profile high performance all weather wheels were fitted; a Mercedes AMG team went to work under the bonnet; and its whole image was spruced up with a great looking, memorable paint job.

In proverbial ‘car speak’, this is pretty much why Sinclair & Rush became the staff & customer centric, service-ethos business it is today.

But this was no textbook service – this wrote a new textbook altogether … literally.

MD, Peter Boulton, engineered these changes and has taken ‘perfection’ a step further by writing a book about it:

Thinking Profit ~ the Journey is a corporate autobiography, he shares the blow by blow processes that stopped decline and boosted dramatic growth.

There are literally thousands of books on business success that purport to take you behind the scenes and reveal the 'method behind the madness'. In most cases they rarely live up to the hype. Thinking Profit - The Journey is a fascinating and carefully constructed front row perspective of what it takes to actually grow a company under the most trying of economic circumstances and exceed expectations.”

So wrote Andrew Priestly CEO The Coaching Experience Ltd on reading a pre-print draft.

This unpretentious, easy reading and above all helpful biography of a year (or so) in business has much to offer and does so honestly. Amongst the methods he follows and techniques he still applies on this Journey, Peter details:

…all frank revelations of pragmatic management style.

International business development coach and mentor, Penny Power OBE wrote: “Peter Boulton is a seasoned business manager. In this book he is not hyping things up, he is not getting over excited by new technology, he tells you how it is and what it takes to grow a sustainable business.”

So – we have the plastics engineering business: Sinclair & Rush: http://www.sinclair-rush.co.uk/

we have the video: http://bit.ly/1qPa9Qf

and now the book, Thinking Profit ~ the Journey, available at Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1nMTmv7

Just waiting for the T shirt !

[Proceeds from book sales will be donated to Parenta Trust / Fields of Life. Fields of Life realised that by drilling fresh water wells in an impoverished and poorly east African village, stopped the children having to walk for hours to fetch the polluted liquid that passed for water previously. This newly available youthful time was then put to good use in the school (also built by Fields of Life) to educate the kids and re-invest their skills in a sustainable, agricultural village life.

For details of Parenta Trust charity, click: http://www.parenta.com/charity/

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