2 x Executive Officers; 1 x £350 car; 1,100 x grueling miles


What better way to test the resolve of the MD of one leading plastics manufacturing business and the once MD of the other leading plastics and hardware stockist and distributor (now acquired by the former) than to send them out to buy a £350 car and drive it across Europe, over the Alps hairy Furka Pass and on to Monaco.

Well, that’s exactly what Peter Boulton (MD Sinclair & Rush) and Paul Gardner (CD S&R post MD Component Force – now a division of Sinclair & Rush) are doing – all in the name of one fantastic charity.

The process of acquisition is long and arduous, particularly for the heads of the acquirer and mergee, both in the long months before the event and those securing the perfect operational unity afterwards.

So, what better test of co-operative spirit than to cast them adrift in ‘an old banger’ to take part in the Maidstone to Monaco Banger Rally raising much needed funds for Parenta Trust. Parenta Trust (incorporating Fields of Life) is an innovative charity whose efforts are giving more than just hope to the children of Uganda and Kenya.

They drill sources of fresh drinking water and build schools for the children of eastern Africa. Each project is turned into a business. Managers are mentored to deliver sustainable resources locally, so that school, water and farming become self-sufficient within each of the communities the charity helps.

The children gain two basic assets for life - water and education - and their parents the guidance to grow and sell crops. As well as nourishing their families, they contribute financially to the running of their village schools. School managers are taught how to claim and maintain authority and charitable grants enabling Parenta Trust to move its own resources to fund and manage fresh projects elsewhere.

93 pence in every pound donated delivers sustainable help where it’s needed most – on the ground.

Paul has been involved with the charity for some time and has visited projects in Uganda. Sinclair & Rush have sponsored and supported Fields of Life (now part of Parenta Trust) activities in the past also. So it made sense for their joint venture to continue across Europe, over the Alps, to Monaco and back (hopefully!) to raise money.

Their efforts will raise a minimum of £1,000 but through your support, sponsorship and general kindness, they hope to raise much more as their old banger chugs and splutters its way to the chequered flag.

In true Top Gear style, all they have to do is buy a car for £350; drive across Europe; navigate the hairy Furka Pass, switching back on themselves through hairpin bends with unforgiving drops – will £350 buy power steering – and let’s hope it has a clutch!

If you would like to donate even a small amount to this amazing cause, just follow directions on the link, here: https://www.justgiving.com/Sinclair7

These are just some of the life changing projects our team will be driving for:

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