Come on you S&R's


Game One: 'Real Sizzle' v S&R.

Squad: Paul, Mark O, Mark H, Shane, James, Josh, Carl, Matt, Scott, Tom and Such.

A new season a new team.

S&R were joined by 6 new signings (Matt, Scott, Tom and Such) from our new Rochester site and (Josh and Carl) from our Night Shift, for our first game since 2012.

We asked to be placed in League One (then Championship and then Premiership) meant our chances may be a little better than our previous visits to Play playing in the Premiership. 

The team we were supposed to be playing failed to show. Warming up we were looking forward to playing our first game only to find (yes, you guess it) we were up against a team that was top of the premiership instead.  I would go as far as saying this team was the best team we had played in all the games we’ve played (Well-drilled and organised and bloody good), so off we go.

It wasn’t long before “Real Sizzle” got there opener, in fact, it was a goal fest for the opposition. S&R did in fact create chances which was encouraging for the team and at 7 (yes, SEVEN) nil down we DID mange to pull a goal back.  A well taken strike by RINGO (James), but the damage was already done as “Real Sizzle” piled more and more pressure on the S&R Team.

To be fair we never gave up and it paid off when Ossy’s (Mark O) shot on the turn put the ball in the roof of the net. The pleasing thing was we never gave up and we did have chances, so some good came of tonight’s game - apart from my back ache, it’s hard work picking the ball out the back of the net that many times!!! 

Overall it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, there’s a lot of positives to take out of this game. All our new signings had good games and kept going to the end.  Hopefully next week we will play a team in League One and I’ll be reporting back to you on a better game. 

Next week we will be in our new kit and photos will be attached with the report.

Well done Lads

 Final Score: Real Sizzle 17 -  S&R 2 - but it was the great teamwork that won in the end.

 Paul (Team Captain)

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