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Since we completed the lengthy process of merging Component Force into the Sinclair & Rush family of global manufacturers and distributors of plastic caps, plugs, sleeves; handgrips; plastic boxes, clamshells and tube packaging, we have been discovering so many exciting benefits and new opportunities. Our world has become very exciting indeed.

It’s rather like buying a new phone...

We clearly spent a great deal of time researching the pros and cons of this over that before ‘purchasing the phone’. And yet, now we actually have the shiny new toy in our hands, we’re discovering app after exciting new app that makes life easier and opportunities greater still.

Component Force has become a new and exciting division of Sinclair & Rush. Let’s take a look at what these changes and new service apps mean for customers old and new.

Firstly, the opportunity to source protection, packaging or finishing products and components through just one point of contact is now greater than ever before. Frankly, if we can’t find it in over 300 pages of catalogued items, it probably doesn’t exist – but that’s not a problem. If it doesn’t exist, our combined experience and global resources will either source it, or design and manufacture it.

StockCap, GripWorks and VisiPak are global divisions of Sinclair & Rush. Now, Component Force is too. So, if we click (virtually) the all new Component Force app, what will we discover:

Here’s a small cross-section of what you’ll find: rubber and plastic feet; castors and wheels; handles and hand wheels; hinges and fasteners; tube fittings and tube connections; street furnishings and scaffold protection; locks and latches; fasteners; cable management and edging strips; the list goes on.

And if we (again virtually) click the VisiPak app… :

… we find even more great products to add to the ‘packaging’ side of the group’s ‘Protect, Package, Finish’ promise. Clear plastic clamshells protect and package products on display at point of sale; plastic tubing is ideal for mailing purposes as well as protecting and packaging ‘sharps’ such as needles for crochet enthusiasts and drill bits etc; and clear plastic boxes are tailored to size, delivered flat to ‘pop up’ and immaculately branded for point of sale perfection.

The range of finishing products is vast, with stock items available for despatch on the same day the order is placed. Product and components not held in stock are sourced to order. Our combined technical sales team helps to ensure that specifications are clear, deliverable and that the components will satisfy their intended application. Then our extended Customer Services department follow that order and support customers through to satisfactory completion.

We have managed to combine: 60 years of dip and injection moulding; long run manufacturing processes; short run flexibility; an extensive product / component range in stock and to order; procurement expertise and technical sales support skills; and an exemplary multilingual customer service record.

This means that 01634 686 504 becomes the only number you need to find cost effective solutions for Protection, Packaging and Finishing. 

Protection, Packaging and Finishing

01634 686 504

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