Sinclair & Rush gave a huge welcome to Component Force


Sinclair & Rush gave a huge welcome to Component Force


We are absolutely delighted to announce a major new stage in the exciting futures of both Component Force Ltd and Sinclair & Rush Ltd. Between us, we have created the perfect fit by joining Sinclair & Rush and have enjoyed a very warm welcome into their global family.


The merger of these two Kentish plastics manufacturers and distributors creates a match like the proverbial hand in glove - the corporate fit is textbook.


For those of you who don’t know, Sinclair & Rush are the UK and European arm of Sinclair & Rush Inc., the American and global leader in all things plastics. Their dynamic European manufacturing operation is headquartered on the 20:20 industrial estate just outside Maidstone.


Our product range overlaps to some degree with that of Sinclair & Rush, though with notable exceptions. We both have an extensive collection of protective plugs, caps and sleeves etc. Whilst we deal efficiently with shorter volume orders, Sinclair & Rush manufacture a combination of longer runs and / or custom dip moulding projects.

Hand grips can also be sourced from both companies; yet the options, volumes, applications, customers and manufacturing capabilities do vary considerably. This means that customers now benefit from joint product / service opportunities, affording an even bigger, broader, more cost-effective universe of plastic grip products to choose from.


Clear plastic storage, packaging, mail and point of sale products from S&R’s VisiPak division will be new to Component Force. Likewise, our ‘hardware’ range of wheels, handles, hinges and street furniture now add a new dimension to Sinclair & Rush.


Component Force will immediately be able draw on 60 years (plus) of global manufacturing and distribution, as well as the extensive plastics industry R&D to which Sinclair & Rush has been a formative contributor. We will share ‘group’ procurement strength and skills, as well as short run / long run flexibility across a broader product range – and considerably more besides no doubt.


As part of Sinclair & Rush’s continuing expansion, we welcome Component Force into our family of companies.  We believe that their wide-ranging offerings related to product protection and component needs will greatly enhance our product portfolio and ultimately the customer experience”, said Brad Philip, President and COO, Sinclair & Rush, Inc., S&R’s American parent company.


Having merged, these two companies now jointly present a cutting edge plastics manufacturing, sales and distribution business servicing small to large customer product protection, packaging and finishing solutions across the UK and Europe - all wrapped in a business ethos with two key principles:

‘We are known for always striving to deliver great customer service’

‘Our mission is to leave our staff and customers feeling respected & valued’


Unlike news you might hear, or have heard, at this time of the year – such as the Italian spaghetti harvest (BBC 1957); the launch of ‘Smell-o-vision’ (BBC 1965); or Burger King’s left handed burger (USA Today 1998) - this is very real and very exciting, with opportunities for existing and future customers of both Component Force and Sinclair & Rush alike.

1st April 2014 –a very exciting day for us all.

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