Do you care about the environment, because we certainly do?


Often held responsible for spoiling the environment it has been a rocky time for plastic manufacturers. With the publics increasing awareness and desire to help improve their environment it was clearly time for manufactures to step up to the challenge of helping them in their pursuit.

In response to the people’s opinions the plastics industry has thrust themselves into an environmental campaign that will see great change. Abiding to the “three R’s” – reduce, reuse, recycle we hope together to make a considerable impact.

Calum Forsyth from the Plastics 2020 Challenge said: “Plastics have become indispensable to our daily lives, and yet debate surrounding their use and disposal has become unhelpfully polarised. The urgent challenge is to confront head on these issues which surround one of modern life’s essential materials.”

James Gardner, Component Force General Manger had this to say on the subject, “In light of the issues surrounding the manufacturing of plastic materials we have always looked to take positive steps to ensure that we have as little an impact on the environment as possible. It is our prerogative to do as much as we can as we know that our customers greatly value our efforts.”

The team at Component Force do a great deal to off set their carbon footprint; just some of their actions include recycling all viable material, the installation of a more efficient water system and the adaption of low energy lighting in the entire building and this list continues to grow. We’re persistently looking for ways to make the company more environmentally friendly and a lot of time and money is to be spent on the development of the companies green credentials.

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