Why is it so important to nurture the talent of the future?


The future of the British Manufacturing industry is a thorny issue. With many companies seeing the opportunity to move abroad as an easy way to reduce costs, yet they are neglecting to notice the impact it will have on the British economy. It’s status as a problem was recently escalated as it was put before the House of Commons.

Attending was JCB’s Chief Corporate Development Officer who stated, “Design and development are key and must stay in Britain. If design was to move overseas then the supplier base is likely to move as well.” There was a clear and positive message communicated through the meeting, rendering the government more aware of the importance of the manufacturing industry’s role in the British economy.

This is an important subject for many companies and non-more so than for Component Force. “We’ve always strived to keep to our roots and we pride ourselves on this fact” said Paul Gardner, the Component Force MD. As a company we want to nurture British talent and we’ve taken this even further by keeping all of our operations in the UK. This allows us to firstly reduce our ‘product miles’ and carbon footprint. Secondly we can control quality levels, ensuring that we always deliver only the best and thirdly we can fully back our local economy and this is what we are most proud of.

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