Low-Cost Netting


At Sinclair & Rush, we have a huge range of low price netting products in stock and available for next day delivery*.



Some of the netting options we provide are;



Heavy duty Netting (left): Can be cut to exact size, for tougher applications and improved protection whilst minimising surface scratching, scuffing and indentations. For more information click here




Standard Netting (right): An effective solution for packaging and protection available in a wide range of diameters ranging from 6 – 17mm to 200 – 400mm and sizes available up to 250m. For more information click here





High Stretch Netting (left): A perfect tool for protecting irregular shaped items which can be cut to your exact size requirements. For more information click here






Pallet netting (right): Used when transporting products, the netting contains EVA polymer which offers increased friction and a softer touch to keep your product safe and secure. For more information click here



As well as other options, to view our other netting products, CLICK HERE.


If these do not meet your requirements we also offer Custom Cut Netting, with the size and colour you desire with quick turn arounds for more information on custom netting call 01634 686504.


For more information or to collect a Free Sample call - 01634 686504


Email - sales@sinclair-rush.co.uk

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