Increase Your Product Sales With Visipak!


Increase Your Product Sales With Visipak!


If you have spent so long creating a product that you are proud of, why hide it behind cardboard packaging?

If you are proud of your product why not show it off?

Our Visipak range offers you clear plastic packaging at affordable prices.

Our Visipak range includes:

A large choice of Caps and Plugs are available with our Visipak range.

Our Visipak range has proved to help businesses increase their product sales, by giving consumers the chance to see what the products you have created actually looks like before purchasing. Please see a case study from our US Branch here

What's more, because our Visipak range offers high quality products, sealed with your choice of caps or plugs; if whilst in the shop consumers want to take the products out of the packaging to get a better feel for the product, they can easily do so without damaging the packaging. Therefore if that consumer then decides not to purchase your product, the product can be eaily placed back inside the container and sealed back up with the cap or plug.

This then gives someone else the opportunity to purchase that product, and give you a better chance of gaining a new sale with a product you would have no longer have been able to sell if you were using cardboard packaging, as the packaging would have been damaged.

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