Top Dogs, Hot Bananas and FSPs – Frequently Solved Problems from S&R.


At our monthly sales meeting, the whole team goes off-site for an early morning start with coffee and bacon butties. Paul Gardner (Commercial Director) kicks the proceedings off with a few choice words, then Allan Gower (UK Sales manager) and Jim Terry (Sales Manager, Europe) take the team through some facts and figures, targets and achievements.

The top achiever of the month is pronounced ‘Top Dog’ and literally receives ‘the dog’ – his or hers for the following month.


…and this is the best bit…

Then, every man, Jack and Daisy stands up to present their ‘Hot Banana’. Not dessert to follow the butty, but details of a customer with a special problem that they are trying to solve (obviously to create an order) - live problems, real thinking. These solutions are really quite varied and often really creative.

This is where and why we created the concept of FSPs – Frequently Solved Problems.

By sharing the diverse problems around the table and discussing routes and actions taken to find or create the solutions, the innovation spreads and opportunities grow.

We focus on FSPs Frequently Solved Problems - because our customers (you) are unique, your masking and finishing problems need special attention with solutions dedicated to the application at hand.

We might be trying to get the price down, which may involve using one bespoke masking product instead of the current three. Yes, there’s a tooling cost to start with but over the projected runs, the bottom line delivers the customer’s needs.

Here’s an example from Daisy McConnell:

Daisy's customer had a 'Problem':

One of my Engineering customer needed to mask a large surface area before powder coating, but with just a two day deadline.


I consulted our technicians with the specs, then visited the customer with a selection of sample masking products.


We fast-tracked the order to meet the deadline with a cost-effective masking solution.


And another from Ashley Warner:

Ashley's customer had a 'Problem':

An Automotive customer needed plugs to protect the engine block during cleaning BUT, clearance limitations inside the holes meant standard product wouldn't work.


I check alternative products' petro-chemical resistance specifications.


Cost effective self-adhesive polyester discs were supplied to stick fast over the holes.


Daisy loves solving problems …

"This customer is trying to achieve a neat and tidy finish to the end of a fence post, which was visible for safety reasons. So, naturally, we asked for the dimensions and matched them to one of our parts. But, they needed the caps to be coloured orange due to the fact they needed them to be seen – hi-vis safety was critical.

No problem – because we are a dip, injection and extrusion mounding manufacturer as well as stockist and supplier, non-stock solutions aren’t a problem. We were able to mould the caps coloured orange and delivered them to the site – cost effective bespoke solutions!"

Thank you Daisy.

It's not magic though - we listen; consider the problem; consult our engineers; propose the solution; and solve it!  


If YOU have a tricky masking or finishing problem that needs a special S&R solution - please call us today:

Or visit our website and become an FSP yourself, click the image below:


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