Manufacturing – it’s nothing without customers like you.


Since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, Britain has been at the forefront of manufacturing refinement and industrial development. As a ‘small island’, other nations’ industrial growth has of course been greater. Britain’s manufacturing contributes £6.7tr to the global economy putting us 11th on the leader board.

China tops these particular pops mainly because of its size and shall we call it ‘independent attitude to manufacturing legislation’. They are not all so disinclined to observe environmental efficacy as our own sister company S&R China in Jiangsu Province so laudably demonstrates.

Then, of course, the USA is the real mover and shaker, sharpening the very cutting edge of industrial innovation. Our own parent company – S&R Inc. has been (and remains) a leader in the field of Dip, Injection and Extrusion Moulding.

Our Kentish manufacturing base and European distributors are proud to be part of the global skills and outreach of Sinclair & Rush and the 65 years of research, manufacturing, operations and customer service from which we draw and deliver our own customer led operations here today.

Customer led operations – what does that mean to you?

At its simplest interpretation – if you are not there, there’s very little point in us being here.

Take it a step further – if you have standard parts needs to protect, package and finish your products with caps, plugs, sleeves; or grips, inserts, feet and castors; or clear plastic VisiPak display tubes and clear plastic boxes … all we would have to do is manufacture and stock standard parts ready for the call asking “… have you got 50 CD968s in stock…”.

Fortunately, we do.

Well, it’s more that just good luck that we stock that particular plastic cap. It is one of the most popularly used easy fit caps with many and varied applications to protect WIP from contamination during various finishing processes.

That’s why we run three shifts on the machines in Maidstone. When we are not manufacturing to a bespoke order, we run standard parts for stock.

Longer runs to order, particularly for our high volume automotive and aerospace customers, are managed to pre-designated schedules. The high volume secures a highly competitive price for the customer, but without them having the burden of accepting a delivery all at once. Our exemplary Customer Services team monitor their weekly volumes (in conjunction with t heir own opps teams) to maintain a healthy (stress free) manufacture to stock and call off for scheduled deliveries, JIT.

Shorter lead times.

By running three shifts to keep the standard parts stocked and ready for your order, most stock items will be ready for next day deliveries on orders placed by 2.30.

By investing in additional machinery and shifts, non-stock orders can be made and delivered with some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

By drawing on global resources, we make and deliver Injection Moulding tooling at Chinese prices and run the manufacturing operation at S&R Kent standards of engineering and quality control.

By running a skilled Sales Team that listens to your needs, we deliver the right solutions at the right prices.

And, by all this being supported by a wonderful Customer Service team, your order and its delivery are in great hands.

Thank you for continuing to be a customer.


If you would like to read more about 'UK Manufacturing', there is a nice (and concise) article on-line in The Manufacturer: Click HERE to read it.


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