We’ve shifted up a gear or two to dip, inject and extrude solutions – fast efficiency from S&R.


It’s typical of the urgency by which we live our lives today – if we need something, we need it now; if we want something, we want it now; if we want something delivered, we want it delivered yesterday.

Well, whilst we manufacture and manage long run orders for many of our clients and batch deliver them JIT to schedule, we haven’t found a way to effect TARDIS deliveries – that’s still one for 'The Doctor'.

But, we do listen. Our sales teams listen to you; and we listen to our sales teams.

As a result we’ve shifted up a gear or two and invested in an additional shift which has already gone on line and an extra dip moulding machine goes into service at the end of the month. Both will cut lead times dramatically as well as speeding up our low volume deliveries. And, you may remember, the extrusion moulding line we shipped in from S&R China is already very much up and running.

So, whatever you need to protect, package and finish the products and components you make – and whenever you want it (almost) – just ask.

Choose from a wide variety of standard caps, plugs and custom shapes, all of which are available in materials and lengths to suit your application. Many sizes are held in stock, but we also specialise in medium to high production quantities.

Now – whether you are looking for high volume support with batched call off for JIT delivery solutions … or you just need a couple of dozen masking caps tomorrow – just ask.

Bespoke design and manufacture draws on over 60 years of experience to create a product unique to the specialised application you need to protect. We specialise in dip, injection and extrusion moulding.

Our extrusion moulding line arrived from China in May and is already supporting the increasing demands for clear plastic tubing for safe, display packaging from our VisiPak range.

VisiPak clear plastic tube containers have the most amazing clarity and are now made-to-order here.  When paired up with one of our many styles of closures, the tubes create containers for packaging cosmetics, bath salts, beads, crafts, hardware, toys, tools, posters, welding rods and so much more.

They are ideal for keeping items safe in storage or by post and perfect for point of sale (POS) display. Research in the States has found that products displayed in clear tubing out-sell those in cardboard 2:1 - amazing.

Clear folding cartons are available in a variety of shapes and styles including sleeves to protect the package and inserts to separate contents inside the box.  Choose from a number of materials and decorating options to meet your specific needs.

The most popular VisiPak boxes are delivered flat and ‘pop-up’ when needed:

Let’s not leave hand grips out of the story. Whether you're designing a sophisticated piece of fitness equipment or simple garden tool, one factor remains the same... the hand grip you choose will serve as the main point of contact between your product and your potential customer. 

We manufacture all manner of hand grip in plastic, foam and rubber as well as combinations to balance strength and tactile ergonomics.  Dip moulded, double dip moulded and injection moulded parts all combine to serve this wide, almost endless range of applications.

As the largest manufacturer of custom hand grips and foam tubing in the world, we offer more sizes, styles, and materials than any other manufacturer. This innovative spirit continues today as we are constantly developing new designs, processes, and materials that result in improved products for its customers.

So, if you would like our sales team to listen to your specific needs, just call:

...or click on the HOME button to browse or shop on-line:


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