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For those of you who think (as indeed I used to) that a grip is a grip is a grip – please think again. The reason S&R manufacture and stock so many grips here in Kent and in so many different finishes and materials … is that there are so so many varying applications.

We manufacture all manner of Hand Grip in plastic, foam and rubber as well as combinations to balance strength and tactile ergonomics.  Dip moulded, double dip moulded and injection moulded parts all combine to serve this wide, almost endless range of applications:

…and the list goes on.

Industrial grips need to be tough because the handles of the kit they’re on and the environment in which they are used is often tough too.

Their strength on the one hand (no pun intended) needs to balance with comfort, control and safety on the other. Wrong material, wrong finish, wrong size and HSE would have a field day.

For example - on a domestic valve in the dry sedate atmosphere of an attached garage a standard flat sleeve may be sufficient. But on an emergency shut off valve in a cold wet industrial sub-station, the sleeves should be strong, perhaps colour coded and nubbed for a controlled grip through safety gloves.

As you kow, this is not a 'one size fits everything' industry. Whatever you need, whatever size, whichever finish and for whatever the application - unique or standard - we are here to help you choose the right grips for the job.

If you would like to discuss your requiremments, just call us on the number below:

Or if you know what you need, you can order it on-line today by clicking the image below:


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