The creative and commercial benefits of clear plastic packaging


The creative and commercial benefits of clear plastic packaging – a new dawn for the European retail industry.

Our Clear Plastic Packaging Containers have the most amazing clarity and tube containers are made-to-order so you can specify the required length up to 12 feet.  When paired up with one of our many styles of closures, our tubes create containers for packaging cosmetics, bath salts, beads, crafts, hardware, toys, tools, posters, welding rods and so much more.

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They are ideal for keeping items safe in storage or by post and perfect for point of sale (POS) display.

Our clear folding cartons are available in a variety of shapes and styles including sleeves to protect the package and inserts to separate contents inside the box.  Choose from a number of materials and decorating options to meet your specific needs.

As a leader in the field of clear plastic packaging, Visipak is proud to offer the most extensive line of clear plastic packaging tubes and tubular containers in the industry. In addition, Visipak has the largest line of cap & plug options for use on its packaging tubes.

We take pride in our ability to continually innovate with new types of retail packaging and welcome new design challenges. For our standard product line, please look on-line HERE,  or call us with your own ideas.

As the largest manufacturer of vinyl tube caps in the world, VisiPak gives you the broadest selection of caps that allow you to hang, flip, shake and seal.

Tubes can be ordered and manufactured to be open at both ends. The openings can then be plugged according to application. Or, they can be permanently sealed at one end. This seal can be rigid clear plastic or permasealed with a sorfet compound to resist vibration and avoid shattering if dropped - see the image below:

How does extrusion moulding work? An extruder consists of a hopper for feeding in the raw materials. It has a heating section where the materials are melted into the desired consistency and a section for transferring the melted solution through a die after which it is cooled to create the finished product. Each section can be manipulated by many variables to create different thicknesses and finishes of the plastic product.

How does one process create so many different end products? This is all down to the design of the die. The different dies create the different sizes, shapes, thicknesses and finishes, tailoring the materials to the application and spec. One machine can easily be used for different products by swapping the die.

Environmental and value considerations – because of the nature of the materials and processes involved in extruding clear plastic tubes, we use 100% of the materials without waste.  This has led to cost savings that can be passed back to customers.

Because PETG is recyclable – we re-grain leftover lengths and pieces to load back into the hoppers – nothing is wasted.

A PETG thermoformed product such as our clear plastic tubes and boxes, can be priced comparably to a PVC thermoformed product, but the advantage to retailers is the visible clarity without the blue tint associated with most PVC packaging.

"VisiPak is constantly trying to finds ways to offer the best package for customers, and in this day and age of green initiatives, we feel as though PETG not only gives the customer a benefit, but the entire world as well," said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Manufacturing for VisiPak in America. "Fortunately," Jeff continued, "there is a benefit for VisiPak too, and that enables us to continue to pursue the next possibility in materials we can offer."

Jeff Barket flew over to address our Kent-based sales team recently. He gave an inspiring presentation both on the texhnical aspects of manufacturing and the extraordinary market opportunities.

To read a case study based on The Ed Hardy Brand in America, please click on the image below:

From the leading edge of technological development by Sinclair & Rush in America, to our own manufacturing facilities now operational in Kent, customers get the very best of both worlds.

Plus, with a few years lead that our Stateside cousins have in opening new markets to the creative and commercial benefits of clear plastic packaging, the new dawn of innovation offers a clear future for packaging over here.

If you want to get ahead of the market with innovative clear plastic packaging solutions - please call us for advice:

Or, if you know it and use it already - shop on-line now by clicking HOME above.


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