For well dressed finishing, choose the right Caps and Sleeves


We have a huge selection of vinyl caps and sleeves for an extensive range of applications including: 

The types of Caps that we manufacture and supply include: Plastic Caps, Vinyl Caps, Rubber Caps, Round Caps, Nut Caps, Square Caps, Rectangular Caps, Flanged Safety Caps, Threaded Caps, Grab Tab Caps, Pull Tab Caps, I-Beam Caps, Stud Protection Caps, EPDM Rubber Caps, Silicone Rubber Caps, USB Caps, Heat Shrink Caps, High Temperature Caps, Hanger Caps, Flange Covers, Angle Caps, Hexagonal Caps, Custom Caps and many more.

Sleeves vary enormously also. They can be either a gloss, smooth finish or a textured and rough finish. The materials available are plastic and a rubber type, or material made from a rubberised plastic.

As sleeves are often the interface between the user and your product, it is essential to have a good quality grip in the most suitable material. Rubber provides some vibration reduction and a foam alternative can be used to further reduce vibration transmitted from the product to the user. They are a great way to finish off a tube, bar or handle and also provide a good feel for the user of your product.

The process for manufacturing caps and sleeves varies according to the type of sleeve we’re making. They can be either dip moulded, injection moulded or extrusion moulded. Dip moulding usually means the sleeve is closed at one end. But our extrusion moulded range of sleeves creates what is effectively a long tube open at both ends. For more intricate caps, injection moulding forces heat liquidised plastic into tooling, a mould created for the task at hand.

Sinclair & Rush run all three manufacturing processes right here in Kent.

Sleeves open at both ends, whether they are square, rectangular or round, can be manufactured and supplied to the specific length of your application or you can buy longer sleeves and cut them to size – perfect for flexible, cost-effective finishing and protection.

Here's a tip - in the construction industry, plastic sleeves are used to cap reinforcement bars and wires in cement. They insulate the metal and stop it expanding as often happens causing the concrete to fracture.

Caps can be fitted quickly and easily. No matter what the application, they fit snugly without cracking or splitting. Short Caps also possess excellent insulation qualities and resist weather, moisture and chemicals.

Applications include:

In high temperature finishing, it is essential to use the right type of caps:

Vinyl Caps are resistant to +230˚C for short periods of time, ideal for use on powder coating and paint spraying where the application of heat is involved. The flexible vinyl material makes it easy to fit irregular tubular shapes. They are quick to apply and easy to remove – even from those awkward places. If it is a particularly difficult spot you need to protect, try using our Grab Tab Caps (left & right above).

EPDM Caps (above) made of EPDM rubber and are used in masking and industrial applications involving high chemical and heat resistance in high temperatures of up to 246°C.

Silicone Caps (above) can be used in high temperature environments like powder coating or oven bake painting with temperature ratings to 316°C.

Again though, please remember, using the right caps or sleeves for the right job is essential. If you have any doubts at all, please call us:

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