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Handgrips come in all shapes, sizes, textures and colours.

It was mid-2012 that Sinclair & Rush inc added to the already extensive range of grips and grip prototypes available from the group by acquiring Hunt-Wilde, whose pioneering tooling and design innovations began in 1946 when they started manufacturing injection moulded parts, primarily for cycle handlebar grips.

As US bicycle manufacturing moved offshore, Hunt-Wilde grew the capacity for further diversification into other markets – lawn & garden; sports & leisure; industrial tooling; medical and general engineering. HW created the facilities and technology to service ‘mass customisation’. Now, this tooling, methodology and product range sit alongside the technologies and skills of Sinclair & Rush’s own 60 years of experience.

Tools are not only made stronger by the addition of creatively designed user friendly plastic grips, but branding and other corporate personalisation can be added. Each grip has a practical as well as aesthetic and ergonomic quality to add value to any OEM application.

And those applications are about as varied as the range ... we have the Straight Grip; the Classic Finger Grip; the Rib-Finned Grip; then there’s the Honeycomb Grip; and last but not least, the Flanged Tapered Grip.

As you reach for your pliers, do you ever wonder at the global resources that have combined to create the branded plastic grips on the handles – well of course not …

…but if you are a hand tools manufacturer or OEM in that industry, then finding the most cost-effective means, source and logistics for finishing and differentiating the grips and handles on your products over the competitions’ is a year round task.

Obviously Sinclair & Rush can help by manufacturing grips to your individual specifications – right here in Kent. You can source the grip solutions you need from the massive range we manufacture and hold in stock – or you can specify bespoke grips for special applications which we will manufacture to order.

Whether you’re designing a sophisticated piece of fitness equipment or simple garden tool, one factor remains the same ... the hand grip you choose is the main point of contact between your product and your customer.

Be innovative in your grip designs to help ensure that this contact is a positive one.

After all - in this business they really do have your future in the palms of their hands.


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