VisiPak - the future of packaging is clear


VisiPak is a global brand from Sinclair & Rush that is fast becoming synonymous with commercial packaging for industrial safe storage and retail point of sale display.

Here, you will find a comprehensive line of clear plastic packaging tubes, sealed containers and transparent folding boxes. This all combines to provide packaging solutions for a diverse range of applications.

In the next six or seven weeks, our own new extrusion moulding line will have been set up and readied right here in Kent where we will start manufacturing clear and coloured plastic tubes on site.

Packaging tubes range from Permaseal sealed bottom containers (below) to heavy-duty industrial packaging. Our stock line of clear plastic tubes is unrivalled in the industry in terms of quality, price, and selection.

Plus, as the largest manufacturer of vinyl tube caps in the world, VisiPak gives you the broadest selection of caps that allow you to hang, flip, shake and seal.

VisiPak tubes and containers are suitable for packaging toys, cutting tools, posters, welding rods, cosmetics, bath salts, beads, and virtually anything else you can imagine.

They are ideal for keeping items safe in storage or by post and perfect for point of sale (POS) display.

Our clear folding cartons are available in a variety of shapes and styles including sleeves to protect the package and inserts to separate contents inside the box.  Choose from a number of materials and decorating options to meet your specific needs.

All products use our proprietary creasing technology to ensure an easy fold and can be made in a variety of shapes and styles. The boxes are delivered and stored flat and simply ‘pop-up’ to insert your product.

Full colour printing and other decorative opportunities are also available. 

One of the primary benefits of using VisiPak clear boxes is that branding, graphics, contents and directions can be applied directly to the box, eliminating the need for labels or header cards.  Boxes are typically printed on the inside to protect graphics during transit and storage.

The future is clear, the future is VisiPak.

Don’t risk your products getting damaged by flimsy cardboard packaging, or your brand and instructions illegibly fade in damaged and scuffed containers. It really is time to consider an alternative and VisiPak is it.

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