HOT, HOTTER, HOTTEST - High temperature masking.


When it comes to masking, we have it covered – whatever the temperature.

We have one of the broadest lines of protective caps and plugs available in stock or manufactured to order. Caps include vinyl, polyethylene, silicone and EPDM products. Nitrile, natural and neoprene rubber products are also available, along with crepe, polyester, polymimide and vinyl tapes.

Such masking caps are perfect for powder coating, plating, painting, anodizing, chemical processing and other applications – perfect solutions from Sinclair & Rush. Our products are designed to be easily applied and removed so that finishing operators can efficiently apply the right masking products in a matter of seconds.

Varying cap materials are used in order to withstand varying temperatures during the finishing process. For example – HOT: Vinyl withstands temperatures up to 446°F (230°C); HOTTER: EPDM products tolerate 475°F (246°C); and HOTTEST: Silicone is resistant up to 600°F (316°C).

Vinyl Short Caps are the most economic choice for masking products, where tolerance to temperature the key factor in the decision. They are effective during most liquid painting and plating processes. The flexible vinyl stretches to form a tight seal over threads, beaded tubes, and odd shapes. Try ordering slightly under-sized caps for an even tighter fit. Vinyl short caps also possess excellent chemical resistance to withstand most washing processes, protecting valuable components from costly contamination.

Bespoke or stock caps measured to your exact specification, help finishing professionals save time and achieve a high-quality finish, which could otherwise be a time consuming operation.

As well as materials designed for temperature, chemical and coating protection, different styles of cap have been developed over 60 years’ global experience to manage often tricky masking applications.

For example, Grab (and Pull) Tab Caps (above) are designed to allow users to easily see, hold and remove masking that would otherwise be obscured by painting or powder coating. The grab tab also prevents the need for potentially costly reworking of coated surfaces that may become chipped or damaged during disc removal.

To sum up:


Vinyl Caps are resistant to +230˚C for short periods of time, ideal for use on powder coating and paint spraying where the application of heat is involved. The flexible vinyl material makes it easy to fit irregular tubular shapes.


EPDM Caps are made of EPDM rubber and are used in masking and industrial applications involving high chemical and heat resistance in high temperatures of up to 246°C.


Silicone Caps can be used in high temperature environments like powder coating or oven bake painting with temperature ratings to 316°C.


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