Hand in hand with foam grips and sleeves


Foam grips and sleeves create a firm and favourable relationship between you - your product - and your end customer. You give them far better control of the handle or tool and a greatly improved look to your product

Our Foam Grips and Sleeves are made from a variety of proprietary foam formulas through the GripWorks division of Sinclair & Rush. The enormous range is such that there is bound to be a solution for almost any hand grip application.

Foam Grips are also commonly referred to as: hand grips, gym grips, handle bar grip, bar grips, equipment grip, handle grip, grips, and replacement grip.

Styles range from standard foam bicycle grips to extruded foam grips for rake handles and other long handled tools. Materials also come in a wide variety of formulas, densities, and finishes.

 Smooth Foam Grips are the least expensive foam grips formed from simply foam tubes that go through no conversion process. These straight tubes have a shiny exterior surface and are popular on long handled tools, brooms, rakes, and u-shaped handle bars. Splined Foam are unique foam grips that offer a different look to the extruded foam tube.

 Buffed Foam Grips come from one of the most common methods for turning foam tubes into foam grips, buffing off the exterior skin of the tube. This buffing process yields foam grips that have a sponge-like exterior with a suede-like feel. And Foam Hand Grips are the most common, standard hand grips.

We have a large range of Foam Grips and Foam Sleeves held in stock and can soon turn around special orders and / or custom designs. Just call us on  01634 686 504 for advice or FREE SAMPLES or click here to shop on-line now.

To help you make sure you are ordering the right size of grip. James Gardner stepped up to the camera to demonstrate exactly how to measure the accurate specifications for the grip you need. Just click on the image below to view the video.

For more information, call one of our team on 01634 686 504 - today, or just click the Home tab above left.





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