Think water – please don’t take it for granted


For a change, today we're not thinking plastic. Instead of praising ourselves for the quality of our plastics manufacturing and service support this month, we want to use this space to share another story of need and excellence. This is the story of the plight of some wonderfully ordinary people in Africa and the efforts that and Fields of Life are making to help them.

Today we're thinking water - or rather the lack of it in certain rural communities of Eastern Africa.

S&R are proud to support 'Fields of Life' who raise funds for and go out to manage very special projects in the rural border areas of Kenya and Uganda. 

They drill wells to stop village children walking half a day out and half a day back with water we wouldn't even wash our cars in. Then, as the kids now have time on their hands, Fields of Life build schools to give them the vital education they so need.

Clean accessible drinking water is a basic human right, essential to life; yet over one sixth of the world does not have access to safe drinking water. In fact, in some of the communities where Fields of Life works, there are no clean water facilities at all.

Fields of Life is committed to building sustainable communities in East Africa through the provision of quality education, water, health promotion and income-generating projects.

This is their story, in their words:

For over 20 years, Fields of Life has been partnering with local communities and churches in East Africa enabling thousands of lives to be changed and communities transformed. We are greatly concerned about the lack of available clean water supply especially amongst vulnerable and marginalised groups, such as women and children.

Meet Gloria.

Gloria is eleven years old and lives in the Lira district of Northern Uganda. Gloria, while still a child herself, is the main carer for her younger brother Micah.

Gloria starts each day with the same tiresome and gruelling routine. After wakening she leaves home with her 20 litre jerry can and starts the five kilometre walk to fetch water. Gloria collects this water, that she and Micah will drink, from a swamp containing human and animal waste and swarming with parasites and bacteria.

Gloria then begins her long journey back home to her brother Micah carrying the heavy load with water that could make them both very sick and even kill them but they have no other choice.

Gloria is forced to repeat this journey up to four times a day missing valuable hours when she should be at school. The effects of Gloria and Micah drinking contaminated water are simply devastating. They risk diseases such as severe diarrhea, river blindness, dysentery, cholera and typhoid.

The travesty is that in most parts of Uganda for example, there is an abundance of clean water just 50 to 60 metres beneath the feet of the people who are suffering daily.

You can help a child like Gloria just by clicking on the image below.

We are committed to addressing the vital need for clean water. With your help and using our own drilling equipment, our committed team work tirelessly on the ground in East Africa. To date we have been able to provide fresh water to more than 500,000 people.

The good news is, our own Paul Gardner has been out (as any sponsor can) to visit a village where a Well had recently been dug so saw for himself that the difference it makes is incredible.

Fields of Life are aiming to dig 1,000 Wells so they can supply fresh water to 1 million people ... Around 400 Wells are already dug!  But there is still a long way to go.

Can you help, will you help. If you can, please do. it really is easy, just click here and follow the simple instructions.


Think Water ~ we have … refreshing, isn’t it ... click here or on any image to help..




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