A question: What do Barrel, Parallel, Flexible & Fir Tree all have in common?


A question:  What do Barrel, Parallel, Flexible & Fir Tree all have in common?

The answer... they are all plugs for protection and finishing, yet just part of the huge range held in stock at Sinclair & Rush all ready for next day delivery - solutions from S&R. If you have holes, we have solutions. But every hole is different, which is why every plug, its material and its design is different too – created specifically for the application.

These are just a few of the most popular plugs. If you want to know more – read on, or click the image below to go straight to the website and shop.


Barrel Plugs:

Barrel Plugs are useful general-purpose plugs, used for a wide range of applications, providing a neat finish to practically any tube or hole. The Barrel Plug is quick to fit and remove. The plugs con-vexed sides ensure a secure fit, every time.

Parallel Plugs:

Parallel Protection Plugs are a practical, flexible plug solution providing a neat finish to a seal, tube or hole. The Parallel Protection Plug is quick and easy to fit and remove and comes in natural LDPE as standard and are available in a range of colours.

Barbed Fir Tree Plugs:

This range of push fit fasteners are great for all types of threaded, non-threaded, drilled and punched holes. The material is a hard black Nylon, providing a durable fit. The multi-purpose snap-in grip has a ribbed shank design that provides an easy to install, yet secure holding in a variety of material fittings.

Barbed Fir Tree Fasteners are also commonly known as: Christmas tree clips, barbed clips, push fit fasteners, barbed push in clips, finishing plugs and more.

Blanking Plugs:

Blanking plugs are ideal for plugging holes in panels from 4.8mm to 51mm in diameter. Sinclair & Rush Blanking Plugs provide a snug fit and neat finish.

Flexible Plugs:

Flexible plastic plugs are ideal for plugging the end of a tube and designed to cover a range of hole sizes using just one plug. Convenient and cost-effective. Flexible plastic plugs are available with and without a vent hole.

They are also commonly known asMulti-purpose caps, multi-purpose plugs, pipe covers, PVC covers, pipe fittings, pipe plugs, pipe caps, safety caps, plastic lids, tube fittings, tube caps and more.

Threaded Plugs:

Threaded Protection plugs offer easy-to-grip head with the thread ensuring a secure fit and excellent protection from dirt, moisture and corrosion. They are widely used in hydraulic, pneumatic and general engineering industries. An excellent solution for industrial applications.

And finally...

Here is a useful link to help you understand the do's and dont's when it comes to measuring your hole to make sure you order the right plugs - click here:


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