Boy, have we got replacement feet?


My first thought when sitting to write about this week’s promotional focus was – what on earth is there to say about feet?

But, just to look at the feet section of the website is to open up a world of incredible variety and functionality. Never again will I just sit on a chair without inspecting its feet – are they fit for purpose … will they mark the floor when dragged; will they scrape noisily when pushed back; will they slip precariously???

If they are hard plastic feet they won’t mark or scrape like rubber. But if it’s a stone floor, perhaps rubber feet will stop the chairs slipping.

Are they easy to fit? Well again – more questions and a plethora of possible solutions – solutions all available on-line here:

Do you want to nail them on; screw them on; thread them and adjust the height; insert them onto a tubular leg? What shape is the leg – round? Square? Oblong? Are they angles or straight? On tables or chairs?

Whatever your legs…

We've got feet: 

We’ve got: Plastic Feet, Rubber Feet, Square Feet, Rectangular.

Screw on Feet, Square Rubber Feet, Square Plastic Feet, Adjustable.

We’ve Replacement Chair Feet, Stick On Rubber Discs, Crutch Feet, Walking Cane and Heavy Duty.

Then of course there’s Saddle Based Feet, Stick On Feet, Nail On Feet and Push In.

But, if it’s Castor Holders or Tilt & Glide Adjustable Feet you’re after – well, we’ve got them too.

If you want feet – just call 01634 686 504 or look and order on-line – here.


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