Essential masking solutions


Whatever process is being employed to modify the mechanical properties of metal surfaces in the manufacturing process, effective masking is an essential part of the process. The requirements to mask surfaces, stop holes and blank off delicate internal elements of components during their manufacture, finishing and transportation all vary almost from one application to the next.

Powder and e-coating? Shot blasting? Shot Peening? Anodising?

In over 60 years of global plastics manufacturing, Sinclair & Rush have developed unrivalled expertise helping engineering companies across the broadest range of industries to improve the speed and efficiency to protect products, components and WIP throughout their invasive manufacturing and finishing processes, as well as onward protection in transit.

Masking can be used to direct finishing to a specific part of a surface area or, more usually, to cover or block areas where treatment must be avoided.

Chemical, electrolytic, mid through to high temperature applications need expert masking to avoid contamination of sensitive elements within the component. EPDM plugs for example, are chemical resistant in plating and anodising. Silicone rubber plugs are ideal for plugging holes where the diameter can vary slightly and provide protection across a range of operating temperatures between -65˚c to +230˚c.

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