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Whether you need protective caps and plugs, clear packaging tubes or custom made hand grips, you can depend on us to work with you and ensure you have a
cost-effective solution.

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Stockcap Image

The leading manufacturer of protective caps and plugs made from vinyl, rubber and plastic. View more
Visipak Image

The leading supplier of clear packaging tubes, clamshells and boxes for companies looking to improve product image and brand identity.
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The largest manufacturer of custom and stock hand grips utilising a wide range of materials, finishes, sizes and colors.
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Component Force
Component Force

The ultimate solutions in product finishing, from handles to wheels; hinges to fastenings; locks and latches.
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Supplier of a variety of retail and custom can coolers in assorted sizes, shapes and colours. View more
Castle Bay

The world's leading manufacturer of vinyl and neoprene golf iron covers. View more