Masking for Automotive Manufacturing

Sinclair & Rush has been a trusted supplier to the automotive manufacturing industry for many years. In addition to plastic components, we also specialise in the manufacturing of masking products used within the automotive manufacturing industry.

Masking a car for painting is a very important process and ensures that any areas that are not intended to be painted remain free of paint. Furthermore, parts like studs and protrusions also sometimes need specialist coverings during high-temperature coating applications. In situations like these, our varied range of High Temp Caps is perfect. Our EPDM Caps are suitable for use in temperatures of up to 150C, while our Silicone Caps are used up to 315C. Our range of High Temp Caps also includes High Temp Vinyl Caps, Silicone Cone Caps and Washer Caps.

When painting only specific body parts during automotive painting, it is sometimes necessary to hang the body part in order to get a perfect coating on every inch of the body part. For instance, if you only want to paint a door or bumper and not the rest of the car, hanging from a hook can make the whole process a lot easier. We offer an excellent variety of hooks exactly for this purpose, including C Hooks, V Hooks, S Hooks, Right Angled C Hooks and Right Angled V Hooks.

When masking an entire vehicle for the painting process, it’s important to have effective and high-quality masking tape to ensure that any panels not intended to be painted or coating during the process remain completely untouched. Our range of low tack masking tapes and discs are perfect for any step of the masking process, and we even supply High Temp Masking Tapes. Our Polyimide Masking Tape is suitable for use in temperatures of up to 300C, while our Silicone Rubber Tape can be used up to 315C. We also supply Polyester Tape, Glass Cloth Tape and Crepe Paper Tape.  

You can view our full range of Masking Products here, or contact us if you have any questions about the items we supply.


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