Introducing VisiPak – the packaging solution that’s clear


The VisiPak range of clear plastic packaging is extensive and varied with a solution for almost every possible packaging, display and mailing need.

Hang it, store it, post it – and above all see the contents and read the branding and packaging notes ‘clearly’.

The diversity of clear plastic packaging is enormous – shape, size, strength, flexibility, durability; and branding technology offering silk screen; hot stamping, offset and pad printing; with closures that flip, plug, hook, screw, shake; and shapes galore including round, square, rectangular, triangular, oval; all in practical sizes small, large, long, short; and everything available in colours to make even the rainbows turn green with envy.

Containers can be customised with simple punching, slicing, crimping and other fabrications to create the most unique and functional packaging for the customers’ unique and functional products.

We have a limited range available on-line just at the moment, but will be adding more over the coming months. Our clear plastic tubing comprises made to measure Extruded clear and coloured tubes which can either be open at both ends or have a PermaSeal blocked end. The durability of the PermaSeal bottom is that it won’t split or crack even under pressure. Open ended tubes can have any of a variety of enclosures according to the intended use.

Take a look at the new Product Overview brochure or ask for details. The choice is so great and flexibility so broad that it is better to look at the packaging problem and create a solution to suit.

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