Great product, great service, great value and, of course, great customers


Great product, great service, great value and, of course, great customers too.

As you know, you can source products and components from the many thousand of items we hold in stock, many for next day delivery.

We are, probably, the biggest single source of Protection, Packaging and Finishing products in Europe, offering specialist plastics manufacturing operations supply OEMs and distributors with dip and injection moulded plastic, rubber & nylon caps, plugs, sleeves and hand grips from stock and engineered to bespoke order.  

(The image below shows a very small selection of the huge range of caps and plugs usually available from stock for next day delivery.)

We also stock and supply clear plastic display boxes and tubes for packaging; and huge varieties of tube inserts, feet, castors, wheels, hinges, fastenings, locks and latches for finishing.

But our passion for what we have and who we serve doesn't end there. Here's what three of our sales team said when asked what products they like selling best:

(This image below shows a range of VisiPak display packaging that Daisy loves selling because of its versatility and retail display benefits. To read more about it just click on the image.)

Our strength has always been the ability to produce customised product protection solutions for customers. Our experienced engineers create a product designed specifically for customer needs, using cutting edge software and machinery to protect valuable components for OEM end use.

Our skills are even called upon as part of prototype design and modelling to ensure that masking and plugging supports engineering efficiency throughout component life.

It may just be a plastic wiring sleeve to some people, but to Sinclair & Rush it’s the wiring sleeve for a part of a component that becomes part of yet another unit that may, in turn, contribute to the hydraulics of the tooling element of a manufacturing process – whatever it is, we are always proud to have done our bit. 

We just love it...

(If you want to read more about the Chair Feet that Polly loves selling, just click on the image above - just part of the huge range of finishing products available on-line now.)

If you have:

 …then just call us and see what we can do to help.

The more we are able to listen to customers and understand the applications to which our plastic products are used, the better we can fit our solutions and service levels to the need. That’s why our Customer Services and Sales departments work so closely together, to make Sinclair & Rush customers as happy as they clearly are.

When you phone with a masking query and need advice about protecting crucial components as they pass through an invasive finishing process – it really does make a difference to hear clear expertise as the solutions are explained, topped with our friendly professionalism as you are guided through the options available from Sinclair & Rush.

But service doesn't stop with the solution and sale. The dip moulded caps, plugs, sleeves; and clear plastic display boxes, clamshells and tubing; or customised, branded tool grips – none of these actually make a difference to your business until we have delivered them to you, on time and to the specifications you expected and anticipated.

That’s what our customers need – so that’s what you get.

For our lovely Customer Services call   01622 693 200

For our lovely Sales team call   01634 686 504

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