Getting a handle on our grips to get the right grip on your handles.


Whereas Component Force is a new division of Sinclair & Rush, GripWorks is a seasoned global division manufacturing and stocking Hand Grips for every size / shape of hand and every practical application.

In 2012, Sinclair & Rush acquired Hunt-Wilde in America extending our grip manufacturing solutions to include all of the pioneering tooling and design innovations developed by HW since 1946.

Together we manufacture all manner of Hand Grip in plastic, foam and rubber as well as combinations to balance strength and tactile ergonomics.  Dip moulded, double dip moulded and injection moulded parts all combine to serve a wide, almost endless range of applications including: cycle handlebar grips; lawn & garden tools; sports & leisure equipment; industrial tooling; as well as medical and general engineering.

Please meet just some of the injection moulded grips: from left to right, the Straight Grip; followed by the Classic Finger Grip; then the Rib-Finned Grip; next we have the Honeycomb Grip; and finally the Flanged Tapered Grip.

Then, when you add colours to the basic black, standard colours being red, blue, white, green. Yellow and gray, you can choose from an extensive range that includes these – but this is just a selection:

Foam hand grips not only help the user to get a firm grip on the tools or sports equipment, but can be designed to look good too, creating the product finish that sets it apart from the others:

Then rubber Hand Grips offer a good look, a good finish and a popular grip for bicycles. In fact one of these is the best selling bicycle grip in Europe:

So - the choice is vast, the opportunities greater still. Perhaps the best way to start if you are not sure exactly which grip type is right for you is to call our expert advisers on

01634 686 504.

Or - you can look and shop on-line now by clicking the image below:






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