Our world of wheels and castors


Our world of wheels and castors is one of variety, choice and function.

Their functionality ranges across many applications, from simple furniture to heavy duty and heat resistant castors. They can be puncture proof, pneumatic, rubber, plastic, nylon or Phenolic wheels. Customers can choose fixed, swivel or swivel and break. And gate castors are sprung, so gates open and close smoothly over uneven ground.

Wheels can have solid tyres bonded to plastic or steel wheels and turn on plain or roller bearings. Pneumatic tyres and puncture proof tyres also have plastic or steel wheels and turn on plain or roller bearings.

For the most flexible applications, choose from the adjustable castor range, which apply to heavy or lighter weight uses. Heights can be adjusted on the threaded castor by swivelling the top bracket; or the handled version can be adjusted even after the castor has been fixed in place.

To make sure you have the right castor for the right job, just speak to one of our team who will be happy to discuss the best way forward for the task at hand. You need to be particularly careful in a manufacturing environment where heavy loads are to be moved around the factory floor or warehouse. Not only should they be comfortable with the weight, but directional control and braking are important features too. If the loads are fragile – consider sprung castors for the job.

Castors and wheels are used across all engineering and manufacturing industries; shop fitting and shop display; warehousing, caretaking and general use; and, of course there’s a huge variety of domestic uses.

Wheels or castors? Castors or wheels? Their applications are as broad as the opportunities we provide to keep you moving – smoothly and safely. The best way to find out more is to call our experts on 01634 686 504 or to look at the range and shop on-line here.

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