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Flat Phillips Screws

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"Received the goods bang on time and they are absolutely perfect for task involved. Excellent service."
R Callan, Private Customer


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Measurement Conversion Chart
Part No SortThread SortLength SortColour SortAvailability SortRequest SampleView PricesOrder
FLTP1M2.5 x 0.454mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP2M2.5 x 0.455mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP3M2.5 x 0.456mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP4M2.5 x 0.458mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP5M2.5 x 0.4510mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP6M2.5 x 0.4512mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP7M2.5 x 0.4516mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP8M2.5 x 0.4520mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP9M2.5 x 0.4525mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP10M3 x 0.55mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP11M3 x 0.56mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP12M3 x 0.58mmNaturalIn StockSamplePricesOrder
FLTP13M3 x 0.510mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP14M3 x 0.512mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP15M3 x 0.516mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP16M3 x 0.520mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP17M3 x 0.525mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP18M3.5 x 0.65mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP19M3.5 x 0.66mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP20M3.5 x 0.68mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP21M3.5 x 0.610mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP22M3.5 x 0.612mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP23M3.5 x 0.616mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP24M3.5 x 0.620mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP25M3.5 x 0.625mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP26M3.5 x 0.635mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP27M4 x 0.76mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP28M4 x 0.78mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP29M4 x 0.710mmNaturalIn StockSamplePricesOrder
FLTP30M4 x 0.712mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP31M4 x 0.716mmNaturalIn stockSamplePricesOrder
FLTP32M4 x 0.720mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP33M4 x 0.725mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP34M5 x 0.86mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP35M5 x 0.88mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP36M5 x 0.810mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP37M5 x 0.812mmNaturalIn stockSamplePricesOrder
FLTP38M5 x 0.816mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP39M5 x 0.820mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP40M5 x 0.825mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP41M5 x 0.830mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP42M5 x 0.840mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP43M6 x 1.08mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP44M6 x 1.010mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP45M6 x 1.012mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP46M6 x 1.016mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP47M6 x 1.020mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP48M6 x 1.025mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP49M6 x 1.035mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP50M6 x 1.045mmNaturalIn StockSamplePricesOrder
FLTP51M8 x 1.2510mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP52M8 x 1.2516mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP53M8 x 1.2520mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP54M8 x 1.2525mmNaturalIn StockSamplePricesOrder
FLTP55M8 x 1.2530mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP56M8 x 1.2550mmNaturalIn stockSamplePricesOrder
FLTP57M8 x 1.2520mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder
FLTP58M8 x 1.2525mmNaturalIn StockSamplePricesOrder
FLTP59M8 x 1.2535mmNatural1-2 weeksSamplePricesOrder



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